Ideas of March

I’ve been a little lax about my blogging recently but reading Chris Shiflett’s Ideas of March post yesterday reminded me of why I think it’s important and why I do it. If you haven’t read it Chris’ post calls for a blog revival as he feels that blogging has become increasingly sidelined by Twitter in […]

ConFoo Round-Up

I’ve just got home from attending the ConFoo conference in Montreal and I thought I’d write up a few of my thoughts about the conference. All of the talks I heard were good but some stood out more than others for me. I’ll discuss each day in turn along with a few of the highlights […]

Conference Time

I’ve been pretty bad about blogging in the last few months, something I hope to rectify over the next few months. A combination of a heavy workload, learning to drive (finally!), buying a house and a big freelance project has taken all of my time. I have a few things I want to write about […]


I’ve been talking for months about the idea of setting up a blog for myself and I finally decided to take the plunge and get it done! I’m now the proud owner of with a fresh installation of WordPress. All I need now is some decent content for blog posts. For anyone who’s interested […]