Some More PDO Weirdness

I’ve said before that I’m a great fan of PDO and use it wherever possible. That said there are some annoying quirks in it, one of which I encountered today. I’ll outline what I was trying to do, what I expected to happen and what actually happened. I’m also curious as to what anyone else […]

Creating 50,000 unique values

A client at work wants to run a promotion where a customer will receive a card with a unique 8 digit code on it when they buy something. They will then be able to visit the website to find out if they are a winner or to get a chance to enter a prize draw. […]

A Quick Tip

I haven’t written anything here for ages due to illness, work and life getting in the way. I’ve got a longer post brewing that I’ll hopefully add in the next couple of days but for now here’s a quick tip that I hope someone will find useful. I recently had a situation where I wanted […]

Creating a Persistent Login Mechanism

How to create a secure persistent login mechanism in PHP, looking at some of the issues and pitfalls surrounding this.

Handling Binary Data with PDO

This post looks at an issue with handling binary data from a database using PDO and a partial workaround for the problem.

Location Aware Webpages

This post discusses a how I implemented a solution for a client which shows which of the client’s stores a user visiting a website is geographically close to.