Getting Started with PHPUnit

I haven’t written here for ages. Things have been slightly quiet on the interesting work front and life has also got in the way. Anyway, I recently started work on some larger projects and have a few ideas on what to blog about from that. One of the projects is making heavy use of PHPExcel […]

Creative Switching

The switch statement is one of the basic control structures in PHP and many other languages. At its simplest it can be used to quickly ‘choose’ between a series of different values but with a little imagination it can do much more than that. I find it extremely easy to read code using a switch […]

Some tricks with Autoloaders

Autoloaders are a great feature of PHP5. Used properly they can help to really ‘clean up’ your code, negating the need for include or require statements. They can also lead to a real increase in performance as class files are only loaded and parsed when needed (lazy loading) instead of at the beginning of every […]

Using Zend_Service_Twitter and OAuth

I’ve just spent all afternoon trying to update a very simple Twitter client to post status updates to Twitter. The code has been using BASIC authentication to post Tweets until now but seeing as that’s about to be discontinued in favour of OAuth I thought I’d better update things. I had no problem using Zend_Oauth_Consumer […]

Google Custom Search Engine

I recently published my first class on PHPClasses and thought I would write a brief post about it here. The class allows a developer to send a query to a Google Site Search custom search engine, using the XML API. Google Site Search Google Site Search can be used to create a customised search engine […]

A Quick Tip

I haven’t written anything here for ages due to illness, work and life getting in the way. I’ve got a longer post brewing that I’ll hopefully add in the next couple of days but for now here’s a quick tip that I hope someone will find useful. I recently had a situation where I wanted […]