Creating 50,000 unique values

A client at work wants to run a promotion where a customer will receive a card with a unique 8 digit code on it when they buy something. They will then be able to visit the website to find out if they are a winner or to get a chance to enter a prize draw. […]

A Quick Tip

I haven’t written anything here for ages due to illness, work and life getting in the way. I’ve got a longer post brewing that I’ll hopefully add in the next couple of days but for now here’s a quick tip that I hope someone will find useful. I recently had a situation where I wanted […]

Handling Binary Data with PDO

This post looks at an issue with handling binary data from a database using PDO and a partial workaround for the problem.

Location Aware Webpages

This post discusses a how I implemented a solution for a client which shows which of the client’s stores a user visiting a website is geographically close to.