Using SalesNet Web Services from PHP

I’ve been working on some projects recently where I’ve had to make heavy use of the SalesNet CRM API. I’ve written some code that makes basic access of the API easier and I thought I would write about it a little here. The SalesNet API is vast in scope (the documentation runs to 144 pages!) […]

Google Custom Search Engine

I recently published my first class on PHPClasses and thought I would write a brief post about it here. The class allows a developer to send a query to a Google Site Search custom search engine, using the XML API. Google Site Search Google Site Search can be used to create a customised search engine […]

Creating Professional Documents the Easy Way

Have you ever tried to create a professional quality document programmatically from within PHP? It’s a real pain and surprisingly tricky to do. There are limited options for PHP developers to produce files in the formats most often used in business. There are libraries for producing PDF files in PHP but they are complex and […]

Location Aware Webpages

This post discusses a how I implemented a solution for a client which shows which of the client’s stores a user visiting a website is geographically close to.

Tracking Social Media Marketing

How many businesses really know what is being said about them on social networks? This post looks at how easy it is to perform a search on Twitter using the Twitter search API and analyse all of the tweets returned using the Yahoo term extraction API.