Zend_Form and Validating Values for Multiple Column DB Keys

I’ve recently started developing my first project fully in Zend Framework and I’ve been loving it so far. There are so many components in the framework that make a developers life easier, among which is the combination of Zend_Filter, Zend_Validate and Zend_Form. I love how easy it is to create and validate forms using these […]

Using Zend_Service_Twitter and OAuth

I’ve just spent all afternoon trying to update a very simple Twitter client to post status updates to Twitter. The code has been using BASIC authentication to post Tweets until now but seeing as that’s about to be discontinued in favour of OAuth I thought I’d better update things. I had no problem using Zend_Oauth_Consumer […]

Creating Professional Documents the Easy Way

Have you ever tried to create a professional quality document programmatically from within PHP? It’s a real pain and surprisingly tricky to do. There are limited options for PHP developers to produce files in the formats most often used in business. There are libraries for producing PDF files in PHP but they are complex and […]